The best piggybank of the world


The piggy bank will teach your children how to manage their money and value it from an early age.
An educational and charitable gift!

Product Description

Technical information

– Includes: Illustrated storybook of Leo,Carmen and the best piggy bank in the world (22pgs.), 3 piggy banks, passbook for your movements

Measures: Piggy banks 10 x 7 cm

                    Packaging: 26x23x8 cm

Pedagogic analysis

With The best Piggy Bank in the World they will learn…

– To manage the money properly

– To set goals and make their own decisions

– To be patient to get what they really like

– The value of sharing and solidarity

Social value

Wondernology donates 0,50€ to Ciudad de la Esperanza y la Alegría Foundation that works for education of the most needy chlidren in India

Fundación Esperanza y alegría




Nota: Productos homologados siguiendo la normativa de la Unión Europea. No recomendado para niños menores de 3 años, ya que contiene piezas pequeñas o susceptibles de ser desprendidas.

¡Educa en el valor de compartir!

Additional Information

Weight0.50 kg
Dimensions22 x 22 cm


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